Premium Ceremonial Matcha w/Refillable Tin (Organic) -PLUCK Tea

When it comes to matcha, origin really matters.  Why?

When you drink matcha, whether in a latte, a killer smoothie, or 'straight up', you are consuming the entire tea leaf. For this reason, those leaves better be the highest quality, cleanest leaves out there.

Pluck's Premium Ceremonial Matcha comes directly from a Certified Organic farm in Kagoshima, Japan. Located at the southern tip of the country, in the shadow of an active volcano, this exceptional matcha features deep umami flavour, light grassy notes, and a brilliant green colour.

Enjoy 30g of delicious, freshly ground ceremonial matcha, perfectly packed in Pluck's custom twist- top tin. Refill anytime with their 30g matcha refill pouch.

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