About Us

Our mission:
To elevate quality of life through the daily ritual of coffee.
OUTPOST COFFEE ROASTERS is a Toronto-based specialty-grade small batch, craft coffee roastery. While other companies seek to deliver a product that looks and tastes the same at any time of year and every location, OUTPOST embraces seasonality, uniqueness, and innovation. OUTPOST is proudly part of a movement that treats coffee like a fine wine, not simply a commodity. We celebrate the differences and strive to maintain the uniqueness of each individual crop.
Toronto is a great city with little access to truly great coffee. Outpost wants to change that. We are fiercely proud of our city and the people who call it home. We are adamant in our belief that this is truly a great coffee town in the making.
My Story:
Grown out of an existing small batch coffee roasting business known as Big Smoke Coffee, I launched OUTPOST to share my love of coffee with you. Having served in the Royal Canadian Navy, I have had my share of wet, cold mornings and long nights at sea where a cup of coffee not only warms your hands, but can lift your spirit. So now, I'm bringing my passion for coffee, my love of food, and my all-round geekiness to improving how coffee is roasted and prepared. I've tasted many beautiful coffees since I started roasting in 2006, now I want you to experience them as well.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.