Mexico - Jaltenango - Organic


Flavour Notes:

Chocolate / Blood Orange / Vanilla


  • COUNTRY: Mexico
  • REGION:    Chiapas
  • FARM:        Jaltenango
  • VARIETY:    Caturra, Bourbon, Typica
  • ALTITUDE:  1300 - 1800 MASL
  • PROCESS:   Washed
  • ROAST:      Medium


Recommended Brewing Methods

Filter / Chemex / Pour Over / Espresso / Cold Brew


*Please Note: There is a misprint on the labels. This coffee is from Mexico and not Brazil.



To all of you who loved our Autumn Blaze coffee from Fall 2022, we brought the coffee back! It is the same medium-roasted coffee with notes of chocolate, blood orange, and vanilla.

This organic coffee comes from the Jaltenango district. Jaltenango is a municipality located in the Socioeconomic Region La Fraylescana, in the middle of 2 natural biospheres areas named La Sepultura and El Triunfo, home of native fauna such as parakeets, chupaflor, jilguerillo, wild pigs, jaguars and deer.

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