Left Hook Espresso


A fruity blend of fermented and natural processed coffees of Brazilian origins making for a brash and stunning espresso. This espresso is best served without milk to allow the expression of its unique and unconventional character.

For those of you at home who would like to brew along with us, here is the current recipe we use for dialing in Left Hook:

  • Dose Weight: 20g
  • Shot Weight: 45g
  • Time: 30s

If you're new to espresso preparation dose weight refers to how much coffee we're putting into the portafilter. Shot weight refers to how much espresso there is the cup at the end of extraction. Time indicates how long it's taken to reach our desired shot weight. By using all three of these we can make the adjustments needed to reach perfection in each cup.

Flavour Notes:

Raspberry Jam / Peanut Butter


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