Colombia - El Triunfo - Pink Bourbon



Flavour Notes:

Key Lime Pie / Lavender / Black Tea


  • COUNTRY:  Colombia
  • REGION:    Huila
  • FARM:        Finca El Triunfo, Martha Zuniga
  • VARIETY:     Pink Bourbon
  • ALTITUDE:   1800 Masl
  • PROCESS:   Washed (Anaerobic Fermented)
  • ROAST:       Light


Recommended Brewing Methods

Filter / Chemex / Pour Over / Cold Brew



This extraordinary coffee stood out on our supplier's cupping table and scored a rare 90/100 for being "shockingly good". We only managed to get one small bag of this coffee, so get it while you can!

This Pink Bourbon coffee is processed using an extended fermentation method that results in a rich and complex cupping profile that truly stands out on the table. The coffee is first fermented for 18 hours in cherry, then de-pulped and fermented again for an additional 48 hours in a small amount of water. Once fermentation is complete, this coffee is then rested on raised beds to dry for 20 days. The raised beds provide uniform airflow for all of the cherries and add another layer of clarity to the end cupping results.

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