Qantu Chocolate-Qantu Maple & Fleur de Sel, 66%

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On Sale as it is passed the best before date. Chocolate is still delicious and has no fat separation 


A tribute to caramel fleur de sel... The sweetness of Chuncho cocoa marries perfectly with pure maple sugar and Maras fleur de sel. This 60% dark chocolate is sweetened with pure maple sugar from Quebec and a touch of sea salt. The cocoa bean behind this award-winning chocolate is from the small Peruvian town of La Mar, situated in the province of Ayacucho.

ORIGIN: La Mar, Ayacucho, Peru

INGREDIENTS: Cacao beans, maple sugar, cocoa butter, sea salt


2018 Bronze at the Academy of Chocolate Awards (World)
2017 Bronze at International Chocolate Awards (World)

A symbol of unity and hospitality, Qantu is the national flower of Peru where the makers directly source all of their beans. Founded in Quebec by Elfi and Maxime in 2016, Qantu fast became a shining star in the craft chocolate world with their 2 gold medals and one silver at their very first international competition in 2017. Every year, the couple travels back to Efli's homeland of Peru where they spend weeks visiting the farmers and their plantations, seeking heirloom cacao beans with exceptional flavours.Thanks to their growing notoriety, Elfi and Max are supporting these communities and helping them gain access to markets that were inaccessible to them not long ago.

Bean-to-bar chocolate. Made in Montreal. Organic ingredients. Direct trade. Heirloom cacao.


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