Rebel Liquid Cocoa

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Origin: Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania
Bean Variety: Trinitario
Flavour Notes: Brownie and Dark Cherry

Rebel’s Liquid Cocoa is a locally-crafted chocolate sauce made from one of the highest quality and most ethical organic cocoa in the world. With only five ingredients and 25% less sugar than similar products on the market, Liquid Cocoa is the new standard for chocolate beverages.


  • Organic and direct trade cocoa
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Single-origin craft-made chocolate
  • Water
  • A small amount of guar gum for texture

Simply heat your favourite milk and add the desired quantity of Liquid Cocoa. Try pouring it over some ice for a cold treat, or heating a small amount of water or milk with the Liquid Cocoa to make your own rich drinking chocolate.

Quantity: 340g - makes approximately 14 hot chocolates;1.2 kg- makes approximately 49 hot chocolates

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