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A clean, healthy decaffeinated coffee that doesn't compromise on flavour. The Fakeout is a versatile coffee that works well in both filter and espresso preparations. Here at Outpost Coffee we believe that decaf coffee must taste good as its adherents drink it solely for its flavour. Our team describes this coffee as having chocolate and citrus notes with a panela sweetness.

This Organic Mexican coffee is decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process. EA Sugarcane Decaf process.

Swiss Water Process (SWP) decaffeination uses only water, temperature, and time to gently remove 99.9% of the caffeine, while preserving all the coffee’s original characteristics.




Other decaffeination processes

Ethyl acetate (E.A.) decaffeination is a natural process that maintains the integrity of green-coffee flavor.

  • Ethyl acetate occurs naturally in many fruits, which is why this method is often referred to as natural decaffeination.
  • This method requires a thorough steaming of the beans until they swell. An ethyl acetate aqueous solution is used to wash the swollen beans repeatedly.
  • Ethyl acetate is a polar molecule, which makes it a good solvent for capturing the polar caffeine molecules from the coffee beans, since “like dissolves like.” The caffeine molecules bond to the ethyl acetate molecules and migrate through the cell membranes of cells of the beans.

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