Einfalt Reusable Tea Filters (set of six 6), 100% Cotton

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: cotton, muslin, 100 percent cotton, cotton thread, set of six, minimalism, unbleached, sustainable, loose leaf, made in canada, handmade, hand crafted, ethically made



Take a break in the afternoon with a pot of tea and delight in knowing that you are enjoying your rest in a sustainable way.

These Reusable Tea Filters leave zero footprint. Made of 100% Cotton Muslin, simply dump tea leaves into the compost and rinse under the tap. Set in a sunny place to dry (i.e. a windowsill) and it will be ready for your next pot. Filters come in sets of six so a dry filter is always on deck. Over time, your filter will become seasoned with your favourite tea flavour.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Empty tea leaves into compost. Rinse filter under tap and set in sunny place to dry. There is no need to ever machine wash your filter. However, if you desire to do so wash in cold water and hang or lay flat to dry.


MATERIALS: 100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin, 100% Cotton Thread

VARIATION DISCLAIMER: All items are handmade. While we endeavour to maintain a high level of consistency in our products, all items are one of a kind and you may find subtle variations from one item to the next. We will always do our very best to portray the most accurate descriptions, photos and measurements of our products, but due to the nature of our product materials and that they have been hand crafted there may be slight variations in size and colour. 

You can be assured that we are proud of each and every item that we ship and we hope that you will celebrate what makes your item beautiful and unique.

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