Nicaragua - La Bendicion - Honey Process

As we have a very limited amount of this coffee, your delivery time will vary as we roast this coffee once we have sufficient orders for a full batch.
  • ORIGIN:      Nicaragua
  • REGION:     Mozone
  • FARM:         Un Regalo - Luis Alberto Balladares
  • VARIETY:    H3 Hybrid
  • ALTITUDE: 1650 masl
  • METHOD:   Honey Process
  • ROAST:       Light

This rare coffee variety is honey-processed to accentuate it's natural sweetness leading to beautiful expression of Floral and Cherry notes in the cup.

Luis Alberto Balladarez comes from a long legacy of coffee farming in northern Nicaragua. While several millers and exporters are established in Nueva Segovia’s main city Ocotal, Luis Alberto’s Beneficio Las Segovias clearly stands out for their focus on specialty coffees and microlots. One of the things that makes Luis Alberto unique among mill owners is that he owns and manages several of his own farms. The success that he’s had with these farms is one of the reasons so many other farmers trust him to process their coffees. Luis Alberto knows quality, and is obsessed with every detail in each step his coffee takes, from the nursery through the dry mill.

Developed in 2000, H3 is new hybrid cross between Caturra and an Ethiopian landrace variety. In order to create these hybrids, breeders cross them through hand pollination. The resulting offspring are called F1 hybrids. The offspring have some genetic recombination of the parents, plus an extra bit of robustness that comes from the unique genetic combination (called hybrid vigor or heterosis in biological terms). H3 showed some susceptibility to rust. However, the cup quality was exceptional and some farmers such as Luis Balladares opted to cultivate this variety.


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