Kenya - Kiambu Imara

  • ORIGIN:       Kenya
  • REGION:     Kiambu County
  • FARM:         Smallholder Farms
  • VARIETY:    SL-28, SL-34
  • ALTITUDE:  1700 m
  • PROCESS:  Washed
  • ROAST:       Light

Flavour Notes: plum, black cherry, sweet and clean

This coffee is fully washed and dried on raised beds. It comes from Kiambu County, a key coffee producing region of Kenya. The climate of Kiambu County is generally cooler than that of the rest of Kenya, due to the region's higher altitude. Rainfall is fairly reliable, falling in two seasons, one from early March to May (the long rains) and a second during October and November (the short rains)

This AB Imara is mostly a mixture of SL-28 and SL-34 varietals. Flavors of plum and black cherry in the cup. Tart and juicy with a pleasing aftertaste.

The Kenyan variety SL-28 is most prized by coffee people. Complex, the dazzling acidity (reminiscent in some cases of black currant and others of fresh summer-ripe tomato) of this variety is so unlike other coffees in the world that questions arise about what exactly is in the soil over there and how to replicate it in other regions. A juicy body, super sweetness, and tropical flavours are other characteristics that drive SL-28 drinkers wild. Be sure to try it as an iced coffee, you won't be disappointed.



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