Kenya - Gura Nyeri

This coffee is from the Gura Factory, a coffee washing station that gets it's name from the nearby Gura river. The Gura Factory is a wet mill serving as the hub of milling, sorting, and bagging operations for several small farmers in the immediate vicinity. These smallholder farmers grow an average of 250 plants each on half-acre plots. The finished product product is a combination of 3 different Kenyan varietals: SL28, SL34, and Ruiru 11. SL28 is the dominant varietal. This is the species that produces the vibrant, juicy currant/date/raisin flavors you’re familiar with. The grade is AA, which just means the seeds are a relatively large size.

The altitude ranges from 1,220 – 1,752 meters and the coffee goes through a fully washed process. Ripe black currant, black tea, and honey sweetness dominate the cup, but subtle floral aromatics may be found under certain conditions. This is a very dynamic coffee with a lot to explore.

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