Colombia Hacienda La Pradera - Organic

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  • ORIGIN:      Colombia
  • REGION:    Santander, Aratoca 
  • FARM:         Hacienda La Pradera - Hector Daza
  • VARIETY:    Castilla, Caturra, Colombia
  • ALTITUDE:  1700 - 1900 masl
  • PROCESS:  Washed - Organic, Rainforest Alliance
  • ROAST:       Medium-Light

Look for notes of raspberry, pomegranate, and dark chocolate in this organic coffee.

This coffee comes from the family owned Hacienda La Pradera located in the Aratoca Municipality of the Santander region in Colombia. The estate is 100% Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified and the coffee is cultivated between 1700 and 1900 meters. The family's coffee cultivation tradition has been improving the harvesting techniques and product quality of their crops for over 30 year. They also cultivate bananas, cassava, and timber. Currently Santander has around 42000 Ha of coffee, of which 90% is grown under shade. The region is located in the north central part of the country, east of the Magdalena River.

La Pradera Estate originally belonged to José Rosario Daza, then passed on to his son Hector Daza, who currently manages the farm with his son Oscar Daza.  In the future they expect his sons Oscar Duban and Edward Yesid, will maintain the coffee growing tradition at La Pradera Estate.
All of the 350,000 trees are organic certified with a combination of castillo, colombia and caturra varieties.  Some lots are planted with Tabi, Typica, Geisha and Bourbon varietals, also organic certified.  La Pradera is located in Aratoca, Santander, at an altitude of 1700 meters in close proximity to the Chicamocha canyon, with very low humidity, good sunlight exposure and warm winds.  The crop begins in october and runs through february.  The rest of the year, Oscar applies 2 x 10 kg of organic compost to each coffee tree, explaining why the plantation has such a healthy appearance.

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