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Your delivery time may be affected by COVID-19 safety measures and high-level parcel volumes

El Salvador - Las Nubes - Women Produced

  • ORIGIN:       El Salvador
  • FARM:          Las Nubes / El Campo - Nelli Martinez
  • VARIETY:     Bourbon
  • ALTITUDE:  1050 m
  • PROCESS:   Washed
  • ROAST:        Medium

 We absolutely love this coffee. With tasting notes of peanut butter and blackberry jam, this delicious coffee lends itself well to Filter, French press, Aeropress, and Chemex. Moreover, it makes a damn good espresso.

For Nelly Martinez, the secret to a great cup of coffee is passion and persistence. Coffee is the beating heart of Guadalupe, a historic coffee town located on the banks of El Salvador’s second highest volcano, where the altitude and soil quality support a delicious specialty coffee. Generations have participated in the yearly harvest, while dreaming of a finca of their own.

Nelly and her husband bought their first finca in 1985. After her husband passed, Nelly divided her time between working as a nurse during the week and overseeing the work of the finca on the weekend. Over the years, her persistence paid off. In 2002, she and her son were able to renew and expand the first plantation, and in 2017, they bought a second plot of land, at 1500
meters above sea level. There Nelly grows the high altitude organic coffee that gives this blend its signature flavour.

In 2018, Nelly joined ADESCAFE, an association of small and medium coffee growers that came together to process and market their own coffee. With world coffee prices in a slump, small farmers are struggling. The prices offered by large export companies don’t even cover their costs. Some have already given up, and converted their plantations into corn fields. Nelly, however, believes in the power of collective effort.

With support from the local municipality, ADESCAFE bought an aquapulper. The coffee cherries are wet processed, then dried on raised african beds. Raised beds keep the cherries off the ground and allow air to circulate more easily, resulting in a more consistent coffee, free from contamination of other odours and tastes. After milling is complete, local women ensure quality control by removing damaged beans, to bring you the best possible cup of coffee!
Nelly and ADESCAFE thank you for your purchase. Your support helps ADESCAFE continue to expand its processing capacity, and provide coffee farmers with a fair return for their labour.

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