Un Regalo - Nicaragua - Top Lot

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As we have a very limited amount of this coffee, your delivery time will vary as we roast this coffee once we have sufficient orders for a full batch.
  • ORIGIN:       Nicaragua
  • REGION:     Mozone
  • FARM:          Un Regalo - Luis Alberto Balladares
  • VARIETY:    Pacamara
  • ALTITUDE:  1650 masl
  • METHOD:   Natural
  • ROAST:       Light

This coffee is the result of fermentation experiments which lead to a beautiful expression of tropical fruit notes in the cup: Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Floral

Luis Alberto Balladarez is a name synonymous with excellence in the specialty coffee industry. His coffee’s have consistently placed in the upper tier of the Cup of Excellence competitions in Nicaragua. Finca Un Regalo de Diós ("Gift from God") is located in the Mozonte Municipality of Nueva Segovia, in the far north, close to the border with Honduras in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range.

One of his farms, La Bendición, took first place in the 2018 Cup of Excellence competition; a lot from Finca Un Regalo de Diós took 5th place. Individual farms are split into "plantíos" (plantations) based on altitude, and coffees are further separated based on varietal. Even multiple lots from the same plantío harvested and processed on the same day may have subtle variations that make them better suited to pulped natural or full natural processing rather than conventional washing. This coffee is from the "El Salvador" lot, and is a naturally processed Pacamara. The washed and honey processed coffee from this farm is dried for 20-25 days, but the natural processed coffee is dried for 30-35 days - natural coffees are dried with the coffee cherry on the beans, which imparts an inherent fruitiness to the coffee bean.


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