Nicaragua - El Ciprés - Organic

  • ORIGIN:       Nicaragua
  • REGION:     Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli
  • FARM:          Los Delirios - Donald Canales
  • VARIETY:    Caturra, Typica, Bourbon
  • ALTITUDE:  1350 masl
  • METHOD:   Washed Process
  • ROAST:       Medium Light

Flavour notes: Plum, Wine, Toffee

Certified Organic

 The Canales family of Pueblo Nuevo is a Nicaraguan national treasure and a singular example of how pairing organic farming practices with a relentless focus on coffee quality can create economic, social and environmental value. The family got its start in coffee back in 1958, when Don Pio Canales purchased a rambling cattle farm in the hills above Pueblo Nuevo that he called Los Delirios. His son Daniel bet the farm, quite literally, on coffee, and over the past 35 years, he and his sons Milton, Norman and Donald have doubled down on that bet again and again, expanding the farm gradually through steady reinvestment of coffee earnings. Along the way, they have made Los Delirios a reference point for the country’s coffee sector and organic farmers everywhere.

Today, Los Delirios bears little resemblance to the farm Don Pio purchased 60 years ago. Over the past 35 years, the farm has grown to nearly three times its original size, not so much a farm, perhaps, as a collection of small farms cobbled together around the core of the old estate. As the farm has grown, the family has created more employment opportunities for its neighbours. The family’s commitment quality is visible today in its wet milling experimentation, its growing warren of shaded raised drying beds and its renovation with high-quality cultivars including Geisha and Pacamara

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