El Salvador - Miramar Bourbon

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Flavour Notes:

Sweet Creamy Peach / Round Body / Dark Chocolate Finish


  • COUNTRY: El Salvador
  • REGION:    Apaneca-Ilamatepec
  • FARM:        Finca Miramar, Sauerbrey-Martínez Family
  • VARIETY:    Bourbon, Pacas, Bourbon Elite
  • ALTITUDE:  1400 - 1700 MASL
  • PROCESS:  Natural
  • ROAST:      Light Medium


Recommended Brewing Methods

Filter / Chemex / Pour Over / Espresso / Cold Brew



This rare coffee is a micro-lot of natural processed coffee from a small farm run by the Sauerbrey-Martínez Family.  Finca Miramar is ideally located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano (which is currently active; and last erupted in 2005) and it ranges from 1400-1700MASL. Being almost 100 years old; it is planted with the traditional Heirloom Bourbon, Pacas, Bourbon Elite varieties. They use Macadamia, Peach and the very common Pepeto de Rio and Pepeto Peludo trees for shade. Coffee from Finca Miramar consistently cups above 85-86 points. 

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