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Colombia - La Batea - Short Run

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Flavour Notes:

Blackberry / Boozy Plum / Chocolate 


  • COUNTRY:  Colombia
  • REGION:     Jerico / Antioquia
  • FARM:         La Batea, Don Juan Velez
  • VARIETY:     Maragogype
  • ALTITUDE:   1800 Masl
  • PROCESS:   Carbonic Maceration Natural
  • ROAST:       Light - Medium


Recommended Brewing Methods

Filter / Chemex / Pour Over / Cold Brew



Looking for something different? Wait until you try this coffee. Wild - it's how we describe this carbonic macerated gem from La Batea. All the extra time and effort put into this coffee by the Velez family has created a coffee bursting with blackberry, boozy plum, and dark chocolate flavours.

The Velez family has owned their farm since 1907 and going on five generations of coffee farmers. Juan Pablo, Don Juan’s son, got more involved with the farm in 2015 and began experimenting with special coffee processing techniques.


Carbonic maceration is a fermentation technique that's gaining a lot of traction in the coffee producing industry. Adapted from the world of wine production, carbonic maceration is a form of whole-grape (or in the case of coffee, whole-cherry) fermentation. After harvesting, whole coffee cherries are placed inside of a large airtight container – the container is then filled with CO2 (removing all of the oxygen) and the cherries are left to ferment. Once a desired amount of fermentation has occurred, the coffee cherries are removed from the container and spread out on raised drying beds and left to dry. Once a desired amount of time has passed the cherries are hulled mechanically, revealing the green coffee bean inside.

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