Peru - Amaruru


  • ORIGIN:       Peru
  • REGION:     Amazonas
  • FARM:         Various indigenous farms
  • VARIETY:    Heirloom varieties
  • ALTITUDE:  1200 –1500m
  • PROCESS:  Washed
  • ROAST:       Medium

Flavour Notes: Sugarcane, Orange Citrus, Peanut

The Amaruru derive their name from Amaru which translates as serpent in the indigenous languages of the Amazonas region of Peru. In the Andean triune cosmology the serpent represents the earth. The Amaruru, with an affinity to the earth were an agricultural people in the Incan Empire and to this day practice the advanced agrarian traditions of the Incas. Amaruru collectives in this remote region of Peru have been organically cultivating heirloom varieties of coffee since the 18th century.




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