Honduras Chicas Fantasticas - Organic

  • ORIGIN:       Honduras
  • REGION:     Ocotopeque
  • FARM:          Finca Los Nances - Rocivel Baca
  • VARIETY:    Catuaì, Icatu
  • ALTITUDE:  1100m
  • PROCESS:   Washed - Organic
  • ROAST:       Medium-Light

This beautiful coffee has been roasted to feature its Sweet Caramel notes, Vanilla fragrance, and Balanced acidity.

This is a pretty special female produced lot. Rosi owns her own land and farm and although she only produces around 10 bags per year, she puts immense love and care into her farm. 

Rosi has been a member of Cocafelol since 2010 and works in production, accounting, as well as technical assistance with Organic and Fair-Trade certification. Rosi is another active member of the Women in Coffee Alliance and helps empower other producers to work with trusted cooperatives to make connections for personal and community gain. As a female producer, the cooperative has helped Rosi purchase this plot of land
and she has put a focus on maintaining an environmentally sustainable farm. Her goal is to have her daughter inherit her passion for both coffee and the environment surrounding it. And yes, her daughter is as
cute as a coffee cherry.

The Chicas Fantasticas label is our way of recognizing special women in coffee. Every coffee under this label from a female farmer or a cooperative of female farmers. Chicas Fantasticas helps us highlight the need for equity and equality in the coffee sector, from bean to cup, and that can only be achieved by empowering women.

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