Colombia - Wush Wush

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Flavour Notes:

Mango / Caramel / Tropical 


  • COUNTRY:  Colombia
  • REGION:    Rioblanco, Tolima
  • FARM:        Finca Monteverde, Familia Gutierrez
  • VARIETY:     Wush Wush
  • ALTITUDE:   1800 -2000 Masl
  • PROCESS:   Natural Aerobic Fermented
  • ROAST:       Light - Medium


Recommended Brewing Methods

Filter / Chemex / Pour Over / Cold Brew



Originally found in Ethiopia, Wush Wush is a low-yield, rare variety that has become popular in specialty coffee over the past few years. Compared to Geisha and other famous rare varieties, Wush Wush has a unique cup profile that can stun and surprise even experienced coffee professionals.



80 hours fermentation with high temperature control by cold water showers when the it rises 35° C. Cherries are mixed twice a day to homogenize and give fresh oxygen.



The farm was given to Gildardo and his wife Miralba as an inheritance by his father, Oscar Gutiérrez 40 years ago. They have lived all their lives in it and have always grown coffee. Gildardo and Miralba have three coffee tasters, who encouraged him to plant exotic varieties eight years ago. The children are the fifth generation of coffee producers, the eldest (Johan) lives in Herrera and helps his father with the daily tasks of the farm (coffee processes, supervision in collection, administration in general) the other is (Newerley) which is Q Grader and Q Processing is the sales manager, and the youngest daughter (Katerinne) is also Q Grader and sales support.

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