Ethiopia - Burka Gudina Estate - Organic

  • ORIGIN:       Ethiopia
  • REGION:      Limmu 
  • FARM:          Burka Gudina Estate - Ibrahim Hussein
  • VARIETY:     Ethiopia Heirloom
  • ALTITUDE:  1850 - 2000 masl
  • PROCESS:  Natural/Dry - Organic
  • ROAST:       Medium-Light

Look for notes of ripe strawberry, blackberry, and cocoa in this natural processed* coffee.

Back again by popular demand! Produced by Ibrahim Hussein at Burka Gudina (which means “where the blessings grow”) Estate, one of the few larger specialty coffee farms in Ethiopia. This is a “natural” or dry-processed coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit, encouraging a flavor profile that is rounder and lower-toned than the more familiar wet-processed floral- and citrus-toned Ethiopia profile. Ibrahim Hussein is the third generation owner of the Burka Gudina Estate. The estate uses 150 hectares of farmland for coffee production and employs 120 people during the peak season. Growing altitude at Burka Gudina ranges from 1850-2000 masl.

*A natural processed coffee is passively dried to separate seed from the pulp. This method has been used for thousands of years and has a spiritual home in Ethiopia. There are distinct benefits and lots of exciting aspects to the natural drying process that make it interesting and desirable.

With natural processing, you’re letting the fruit and the nutrients from the skin and the sugars go into the seed through the drying process. Natural coffees inherently have more sugar content than washed coffees; they’re pulling that in from the fruit and the skin.

The method is increasingly en vogue in coffee growing regions outside of Ethiopia, where progressive coffee producers are thinking outside of the box and, in some ways, getting back to a more ancient method of coffee processing.


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