Autumn Blaze - Seasonal Blend

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Flavour Notes:

Cacao / Brown Sugar / Dates / Orange


  • COUNTRY: Costa Rica
  • REGION:    Brunca, Perez Zeldon, San Jose
  • FARM:        Smallhold farmers of Coopeagri R.L.
  • VARIETY:    Caturra, Catuaì
  • ALTITUDE:  1400 - 2000 Masl
  • PROCESS:  Washed
  • ROAST:      Medium


Recommended Brewing Methods

Filter / Chemex / Pour Over / Espresso / Cold Brew



Members of Costa Rica’s largest farmer cooperative, Coopeagri, produce this lot with the support of the cooperative’s agronomic extension.

Farmers selectively handpick cherry and deliver it to a nearby wet mill. The mill follows processing methods that are designed to carefully protect the environment from degradation. In Costa Rica, this typically means using centrifugal force to remove mucilage, in lieu of fermenting. This method helps reduce water use and limit the amount of excess nutrients in water runoff from the mill. Parchment is then washed and sun dried.

The resulting coffee is balanced and sweet with delightful cacao, brown sugar, dates, and orange notes.


Coopeagri, Costa Rica’s largest farmer cooperative, was founded in 1962 to help increase production and market access for small- and medium-sized farmers in San Isidro de General. Today, Coopeagri boasts more than 10,000 members.   

Today, Coopeagri continues to focus on the wellbeing of members and their farming communities. They spearhead projects that range from building medical offices where members can access medical care to growing an already extensive agronomy support and outreach program. 

The cooperative produces organic fertilizer that members can access to help them maintain ecologically healthy farms. They also run a local café that showcases the coffees their members produce. 


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